Leading a Confident Life - Subliminal-Program

Leading a Confident Life - Subliminal-Program
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To lead a confident life. To follow your own thoughts and goals, even if the circumstances seem to work against this at some point in time. Who does not doubt himself ever? Sometimes your own personality is not perceived as such any longer. You are not conscious of your own strengths or cannot not really live them. How wonderful it would be to feels your own personality once again. To live it confidently, to use and radiate it. To be conscious of your own identity and to go your own way upright and happily.

The subliminals help you become completely conscious of your own personality once again and to equally radiate it. You will hear a soft melody in which the respective suggestions are incorporated. They are not perceptible to the conscious hearing, they are, however, processed by the subconscious. The suggestions are anchored in your subconscious through repeated listening and let you enjoy life in a pleasant way.

The following messages are sent. They are spoken in the beginning so you can make yourself familiar with them. Afterwards you only hear a melody containing the respective suggestions: "I am a positive person - I am unique - I am happy - I become more and more conscious of my positive strengths - I enjoy life and the moment - I focus on my strengths and build on them - I have a positive attitude which I radiate - I feel good - I know what I want - I go my own way allowing me to achieve what I want with a positive effect on my personal entirety - I know of the universal all-encompassing power and I rely on it - I am strong - I enjoy each moment and look forward to each new day - each moment in my life is unique, I live it consciously and enjoy it."

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