Studying and gaining knowledge easily through hypnosis

Studying and gaining knowledge easily through hypnosis
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Are you feeling strained and tensed up during studying? Is studying a malady to you? Do you find it hard to reproduce or to retrieve in tests what you've learned before? The title "Studying and gaining knowledge easily through hypnosis" reflects its program! Study in a totally relaxed way from now on - and retrieve sovereignly what you've studied!

This hypnosis by Michael Bauer will instruct you in a direct and an indirect way to grasp the meaningfulness of studying in a pleasant way. In the state of trance, you will be adapting a certain simplicity and ease of studying and you will be programmed to retrieve and apply the studied knowledge in a sovereign way! Therefore, study and examination stress is a thing of the past! Listen to this hypnosis over the period of two to three weeks, (possibly) daily. This way the positive effect on your studying and examinations will set in soon. Afterwards it isn't necessary to listen to the hypnosis again - and you may turn towards another title, if you like to.

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