True Beauty - See It and Enjoy. Subliminal-Program

True Beauty - See It and Enjoy. Subliminal-Program
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Who has not experienced this? You chase after things, you think, once I finish this or that, achieve this or that, then... Then, however, a new goal comes up and the supposed happiness is postponed, put on ice for now. Wouldn't it be wonderful to keep your eyes open for the beautiful things in life? To enjoy the moments, may they be quiet, loud, soft or even overwhelming?

This subliminal audio helps you see the true beauty in life and enjoy it, too! You will hear a soft melody in which the subliminals (messages indiscernible for the conscious hearing) are incorporated. These suggestions are anchored in your subconscious through repeated listening and let you, softly and step by step, enjoy life in a pleasant way.

The following messages are sent. They are spoken in the beginning. Afterwards you only hear a melody containing the pertaining suggestions: "I know that each human being is unique - I know that each and every human being holds something very special within himself - I am aware that each person deserves respect, love and sincerity - I know that I am worth being loved and to love myself - I love myself and I am loved - each moment is unique - I enjoy each moment - each moment presents the path for a happy and content life - I make use of each moment - my body, my mind and my soul form a unity - I feel my body - I know what is good for my body - I listen to my feelings - I know what is good for my mind - I listen to my feelings - I know what is good for my soul - I listen to my feelings - life is beautiful - each moment has beautiful aspects - I feel good."

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