Stop Smoking - Subliminal-Program

Stop Smoking - Subliminal-Program
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To stop smoking. Often the implementation fails due to a lack in the necessary consistency. Good resolutions alone are not sufficient. The subconscious needs to be the one to agree to the change. Submit the needed message to your subconscious via subliminals and thus stop smoking permanently.

Subliminals are messages which are not perceptible to the human hearing. Still they reach the subconscious and are applied within. In India, it is said that a Mantra, if repeated 1000 times, becomes reality. With this subliminal program you may not consciously hear the affirmations, but you still discern and absorb them in an unconscious manner. The advantage is clear: This way even very critical people have the opportunity to work consciously with their subconscious.

You will hear a soft melody in which the respective suggestions are incorporated. The suggestions are anchored in your subconscious through permanent repetition and will thus help you change your behavior. You needn't finish listening to the audio each single time, however, a regular use of about four weeks is recommendable.

The following messages are spoken in the beginning. Afterwards you only hear a melody containing the pertaining suggestions: "I love myself - I am consistent - I have decided to stop smoking - smoking doesn't interest me - I am full of positive energy - I am smoke-free - I feel good - I am relaxed - I am serene."

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