Regression to previous existence(s) through hypnosis

Regression to previous existence(s) through hypnosis
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If former lives exist or if they don't is discussed controversially. It's a fact though that the subconscious mind knows about the existence of former lives and provides the experience of former lives to us in the state of hypnosis. As there is saved everything we've ever experienced in our subconsciousness, a regression within our current life can be enormously interesting either way!

This application of hypnosis enables you to go back in time, within your current as well as in a former life (reincarnation)! Due to the reasonable set up you are able to decide yourself where or how far you want to look back...

For security-reasons this audio-book is set up in a way that the respective regression will be experienced in form of a "pure watching" (similar to an interactive movie) without going through the formerly felt emotions. You will be able to watch the chosen situations in your live(s) und you will have access to the interesting background-information. You will be able to move freely in time. Be surprises by what you have already experienced...

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