Positive Thoughts - Subliminal-Program

Positive Thoughts - Subliminal-Program
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Thoughts don't just rule our actions, but also determine our well-being and our characteristics. Who hasn't experienced this? Unproductive thoughts trigger negative moods - as much "to the interior" as "to the exterior". Action leads to reaction and the result is a certain cycle. Wouldn't it be beautiful and pleasant to convert negative thoughts into clearly positive ones - permanently?

The subliminal suggestions help you convert your unproductive thoughts into positive, pleasant and productive ones. The change is a slow one, equally powerful and pleasant. You will hear a soft melody in which the respective suggestions are incorporated. They are not perceptible to the conscious hearing, they are, however, processed by the subconscious. The suggestions are anchored in your subconscious through repeated listening and let you enjoy life in a pleasant way.

The following messages are sent. They are spoken in the beginning so you can make yourself familiar with them. Afterwards you only hear a melody containing the following suggestions: "I am a positive person - I enjoy my health and I am motivated to be and stay healthy - I am happy - I am strong - I am honest - I am motivated to live my life to the best of my knowledge and conscience - I feel good - I love - I love myself - I love nature - I love my fellow human beings - I love my surroundings - I am creative - my body, my mind and soul create a harmonic unity - I radiate positivity - I am positive - I focus my thoughts on the positive only - I know that I am and achieve what I set my mind to - I am positive and I feel good."

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