Learning self-hypnosis

Learning self-hypnosis
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This hypnosis gives you the ability to induce yourself in a deep trance. A post-hypnotic anchor is set in your subconscious by listening to this audiobook that enables you to get into trance every time you want to for the duration of 15 minutes. After listening to this hypnosis several times, you will be able to achieve this wonderful state of hypnosis without listening to it then. Therefore, you will be able to give yourself suggestions, visualize or give the command to your subconscious mind to work something out every time you want to.

The self-hypnosis - introduced through a post-hypnotic signal - will last exactly 15 minutes. After this space of time, you will be able to be back into that wonderful state every time, if you wish so. Of course, this hypnosis - as well as your future self-indicated state of trance - contains security mechanisms, which will make you, wake up whenever the situation requires to. Learn to induce a self-hypnosis within a matter of seconds! Enjoy the relaxation and the possibility to work out something with your subconscious - every time and place you like to!

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